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Viewing process

One of the issues I noticed in the Learning Assessments is how different students view the films, and engage in pre- and post-film discussions. Some students feel more engaged in discussions before the film, but not quite ready to discuss right afterwards. Others feel more distanced in the pre-film discussions, but ready to jump in after. Others indicated that they find engaging in critical analysis challenging because the affective aspects of watching a film, emotions, personal associations, are so strong.

What is your process for viewing, discussing, and analyzing the films in class like?


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Kathleen O

I think for me, it is listening to the lecture before hand and trying to make connections between the materials we have, then watching the film and in post-viewing discussion being able to throw out ideas of how I interpreted it and hear other peoples' feedback on that and also their own interpretations of the film.
I also enjoy post-viewing discussion because it helps improve my understanding of the material we discussed before the film and in previous lectures.

Justin W

I like how it is done right now. The pre-film discussion helps build the ideas and things to look for throughout the film. Then with the post-film discussion helps re-enforce the things we had discussed because now we have examples to help understand it.

Mohammed Alsalman

I would engaged on the the discussion after the film, because its more clear after getting notes during the film is easier way to understand and hearing some discussions reflections from other students would helps to understand course materials whats their ideas about the film, spacing.

Drew E.

I don't really have a preference, it all depends on how much I think I understand the topic and if it's something that I really think I want to weigh in on. Other times, I'll think I know the answer, but I won't be sure because the material we read for class won't be freash in my mind.


I don't necessarily feel disengaged in the pre-film discussion, but if I had to choose a portion of the class that I felt the least engaged, that would be it.
I definitely feel engaged in the post-film discussion. I enjoy hearing different interpretations that the other people in class have to say about the film.

Mychal Bowden

I'm most comfortable with the post film discussion because having watched the film, I'm able to apply my knowledge about the film and my past experiences in film theory more clearly.

cullen manley

I certainly enjoy discussing whenever possible in class I feel its easier for me to discuss movies better then books in many cases and in that respect I guess I would prefer post class discussions the most. I think part of this might be because of the type of movies we watch they are very deep in the sense they provoke large broad questions about space in many unconventional capacities like dream states, and remembering past memories.

Sultan Alkhelaif

The pre-film discussion helps to build a panoramic overview of what the film would be about, and the post-film discussion helps to break-down the panoramic overview into details and conclusions. Both pre- and post- film discussion are complementary for each others

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